Suicide Policy Research

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This is an open access, peer-reviewed journal to disseminate latest, expeditious trends of suicide and suicide countermeasures worldwide. The journal has a special focus on useful, practical evidence for suicide policy making and suicide reduction. Not only to provide an evidence of academic research, but also to disseminate cases for giving clue for the better future practice, or lessons learned from various case of suicide countermeasures in frontline. Our journal tries to contribute to better solution of suicide reduction worldwide.



The publisher and editorial office of the Suicide Policy Research has transferred to Japan Suicide Countermeasures Promotion Center (JSCP) on 1st April, 2020. JSCP was established on the basis of Article 4 Paragraph 1 of the Law on Promotion of Surveys and Research to Facilitate Comprehensive and Effective Implementation of Suicide Countermeasures and Utilization, etc. of Outcomes thereof, etc. This journal will disseminate information about the advanced research deliverables on suicide prevention policy and deal with a wide range of studies, such as Original Articles, Reviews, Reports and Commentaries. This journal will be published semi-annually on the website and in print.

New Publication

Suicide Policy Research Vol.3 No.1 2020 (Dec. 25, 2020)

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  • Possible explanations of the decrease in suicide during the initial phase of COVID-19 pandemic in Japan PDF

  • Increase in Suicide during the COVID-19 Pandemic in Japan:
    Possible link between Contingent Employment and Suicide by VAR Time-Series Analysis